Is this the Biggest Mushroom in the Whole State?

This mushroom in Raymond New Hampshire must be the biggest one in the entire town...  maybe in the whole state!  You may have similar mushrooms in your yard, but I would challenge you to see if they are as big as this one.

This Thing Just Keeps Growing!

July was one of the wettest months that we’ve had in recent history and mushrooms have been popping up everywhere. The conditions for them are perfect. In a previous article, it was noted that many of these mushrooms look like pancakes. I would agree, however, this pancake mushroom has been pelted with rain so it has divets in it that look like small dimes. Every time I come home from work it gets bigger and bigger and bigger.  There are other mushrooms in the area, however, they aren't even close to being as big as this one.

The Top of the Mushroom Measures Way Over a Foot

I measured the top of the mushroom and it's a full 18 inches across the top.  The base of the mushroom is about 6 inches.

Mushrooms are EVERYWHERE!

Check out this bad boy from the Sieks family of Dover, NH.  Bigger than the sneaker!  What the?!
Sieks Pix
Sieks Pix

Mushrooms Prefer a Cooler Environment

With all the rain that we've had and the cool nights that followed, the mushrooms are in heaven right now, as it's been their perfect weather lately!  We would love to see if you can find a mushroom that's bigger than mine in my yard.  Send a picture of them to me directly: and we'll feature them in an upcoming gallery.
In the meantime, check out these incredible shots of some beautiful local fungi photographed by our very own, Brick Boss Finn of Dover, NH:  (a/k/a Finn Sieks)
Photo Credit: Finn Sieks
Photo Credit: Finn Sieks

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