Market Square is certainly the cultural core of Portsmouth and perhaps the hub of the city's downtown (so much so that we often reference it in our weather forecasts for the seacoast as the city's focal point, too).

On a warm spring Saturday a few weekends ago, I was walking the plaza across from the church and waiting for Rochelle, my bride to be, outside of the Starbucks. This strip has not only businesses but benches, a bus stop and usually an array of street musicians and sometimes artists.

Needless to say, it's a packed strip of sidewalks in the city.

Nearby to me, a young girl stopped to rest with her adorable beagle puppy. At this moment, a man in a wheelchair with large blisters on his hands and arms stopped and smiled, to which the girl said, un-wavered by the man's appearance, "He's really friendly if you'd like to pet him."

You could tell how touched the man was by her kindness and he laughed as the dog licked his hand and enjoyed his attention.

It was an everyday act of kindness in a diverse city that made me proud to live here.

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