Here in New England, we know that L.L.Bean has the best quality when it comes to products with their name on it.  Apparently, that belief goes far beyond New England.  This man from Virginia still wears the same shirt he got as a Christmas present in 1988 to this day, according to People Magazine.

Maggie Timblin and her family love watching old VHS tapes of their family.  One day, she and her brothers realized that their Dad, 59-year-old Mike Girardi, wore the same shirt from L.L.Bean for decades.

In the People article, Maggie said that the shirt was special to her dad because it was a gift from his parents back in 1988.  The shirt started out pretty rugged, but has softened from all the hugs over the years. It also has a slight tear in the pocket.  Mike always kept a pen in that pocket, because as a marine, he always wanted to "be prepared."

Maggie Timblin also made a TikTok video showing her dad wearing the shirt over the years. To Maggie's surprise, it got over 154,000 likes.

L.L.Bean's Lifetime Return Policy

Like I said earlier, anyone who has ever had any L.L.Bean product can attest to its durability.  I have had one pair of bean boots my entire life, because that's all I've ever needed.

I remember a few years back when the company had to change their return policy from "lifetime" satisfaction guarantee to within a year of purchase (accompanied by a receipt).  At the time, L.L.Bean was saying that people were coming in with items that were worn out or purchased at yard sales, wanting a refund or a replacement product.  As an honest consumer, I love the idea of a "lifetime" guarantee, but you and I know that not everyone is like us.  There are people who ruin it for everyone else.

Regarding Mike Girardi and his nearly 40-year-old shirt, all I have to say is that I've never shed a tear over a shirt.  New sappy level for me.

Don't you just love L.L.Bean?

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