The best example of why you should NEVER Reply ALL

Around 8:30 yesterday morning, my cellphone, which I keep in the studio while we are on the air started to BLOW UP!  (I get a notification every time someone sends an email to me.)

First of all, I'm not sure HOW almost EVERY ONE in the company got this email, but we did.  It started with the guy from FULL METAL JACKET dying the other day and if his character was or was not a "drill Sargent,"  If he was a Marine or in the Army, what his most famous  role was, etc., etc.  Holy Moly.  EVERYONE had an opinion!  Some were hilarious.  One of our people TRIED to de-rail the conversation by saying, "I made pizza biscuits this weekend.  They were delicious."  That was my favorite.

It continued until the HEAD OF SOME DEPARTMENT THAT I DON'T EVEN KNOW, said, "Okay, ENOUGH."  Or something like that and my phone continued to blow up!!

Radio is filled with a bunch of wise-crackin' wise-crackers and I gotta say, I wouldn't have it any other way.  I LOVED the thread, but I'm not gonna start one.  Let that be someone else and I'll just sit by, eat popcorn and watch people's heads explode with rage at the "Reply All."

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