It's no secret that we New Englanders love our apple cider donuts, but one man is taking it to a whole other level, and we are so here for it.

Meet Alex Schwartz, the lad on the right in this picture.

Alex hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts, according to this Dailybreak interview, and is known on social media as the Cider Donuteur. He is a simple man with one goal, according to his Instagram bio:

"Just a plaid-wearing autumn man documenting his life-long mission to try every cider donut."

His Instagram, with almost 9k followers at present, documents his admirable quest to try all the apple cider donuts in New England. A couple of weeks ago, Alex announced that he would soon be embarking on his 2022 donut excursion, so he's probably already out and about. This writer's certainly gonna keep tabs on his journey.

Of course, Alex posts reviews of the donuts he tries. Here's a positive one he wrote last year for White Mountain Cider Co. in Glen, NH.

Honestly, we can't get enough of this guy's enthusiasm for all things donuts. But things get even better.

Alex has created this detailed New England Cider Donut Map, which shows the countless places throughout New England where you can get apple cider donuts. You can zoom in, click on a location, and visit its website thanks to a provided link.

God works hard, but the Cider Donuteur works harder.

New England Cider Donut Map Screenshot
New England Cider Donut Map Screenshot

We don't know about you, but this guy's the MVP in our book. We're wishing Alex the best of luck as he embarks on his 2022 donut adventures.

To stay up to date on what the Cider Donuteur is up to, click here to visit his Instagram page.

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