I thought this was a dream I had last night but come to find out it's a real commercial!

After the auditory hallucinations of choirs singing and dizzy spells stopped, I thought "Isn't she Romanian or something?"

Upon further research, Mila Kunis, the multiple winner of sexiest female in the history of the universe awards is... Ukrainian! The situation in Ukraine is escalating with every passing minute and I, like many Americans, know very little about it. I have a solution.

A three or four minute summary of the Russian/Ukraine conflict in the form of a Mila Kunis mini-movie...starring nobody but her(preferably wearing a bikini). She can play her evil twin Russian lookalike while speaking flawless Russian. Meg Griffin and Jackie Burkhart can have cameos. Ohhhh it'll be grand and we all (mostly men I guess) will have a better grasp on this crisis.