Cremeux French Patisserie in Merrimack, New Hampshire, is expanding to Massachusetts.

This unique and delectable pasty shop opened in July of 2020. While many restaurants were closing in the heat of the pandemic, Cremeux French Patissarie was just getting to work.

And work they did.

With carefully selected ingredients and classic methods to make sure the pastries match the Parisian standard, Cremeux French Patissarie has quickly become very popular with their online orders from Merrimack and Bedford, New Hampshire, to the Seacoast.

All pastries are made on-site each day to ensure quality, and the variety is large, with 70 different kinds of pastries being made since opening, according to their website.

After two years of excellent service in New Hampshire, Cremeux French Patissarie opens its doors to the people of Boston, Massachusetts.

The second location will be located at 240 Harvard St. in Brookline, MA, as of the second week of November, 2022.

In addition to the daily pastries, "you will also enjoy authentic French gourmet coffees and teas in a cozy café setting, as well as my family’s favorite chocolates which are -of course- from Belgium, as Belgian chocolates are indeed the best in the world," says owner Alexandre Waddell on the website.

And look at those chocolates that have recently arrived in Brookline. Yum.

The owner, who is of French descent, speaks about where his love of French pastries came from on their website: "I spent my childhood in my Grand-Parents’ kitchen, appreciating the finesse of traditional French gastronomy – my calling made itself obvious early on," says Waddell.

"After attending l’Ecole Francaise de Gastronomie in Paris to study French pastry, I went on to work and continue learning under renowned French pastry chefs producing pastries that are perfectly balanced, and not too sweet."

A local New Hampshire owner with French descent and professional French training...these pastries are the real deal. If you are in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, give Cremeux French Patissarie a try.

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