Dear Angry Bird,

Listen, we had to do it and I can relate.  Getting evicted must really stink!  But....  we had to.  We live in a very woodsy area and sometimes, we have to take some trees down.  I don't like it, but it has to happen otherwise, when we get a storm, the trees are going to fall upon our house and maybe kill us, so... it's me or you, Mr. Hawk.

Truth be told, I don't think you have it as bad as the squirrels do.  They had a humungo nest in a couple of the trees that had to go.  True, they can, like you, find new shelter, but c'mon... they are much smaller than you and their options are much more limited.  You have big huge wings and can fly above the trees to find new accommodations.  They can't fly.  Their cousins, the flying squirrels can, but not this family.  Besides, they have the added danger of running in to the road and getting smooshed!  How would you like to be them??

I know it's a pain, but it's the way it is.

Did you talk to the chipmunks?  They are perfectly happy with the new tree situation at our house.  They build their homes under the ground, so for now, they're good.  I say for now because there's no telling when we are going to build more things on our land and where will that leave them, I ask you, Mr. Angry Bird.

Believe me, I know we have to share this space in the world and I don't want you to be upset, so I'm going to research exactly what kind of bird you are and try to figure out what might make you happy because... that glare that you are giving us from a top your perch is your best mad face.  I wanna turn that beak-frown upside down!

On the bright side, Mr. Bird, we met some great guys from Restoration Tree Service.  Not to stress you out or anything, but they're coming back....  :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Bird.

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