This week, The Beatles and Bruce begin a recording career, Texans would rather see a monkey act than the Stones and Jerry almost says goodbye for good.

June 6, 1962:

The first Beatles recording session took place at Abbey Road studios. The group recorded four tracks, one of which was 'Love Me Do' the four musicians received payments for the session of $12.07 each.

June 7 1964:

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During their first ever US tour The Rolling Stones were booed off stage at a gig in San Antonio. Some performing Monkeys who had been the act on before the Stones were brought back on stage for another performance.

June 8, 1969:

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Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts visited Brian Jones to discuss his future in the group. The Stones later issued a press statement saying that Brian was leaving The Rolling Stones. He would be dead a month later.

June 9, 1972:


Bruce Springsteen signed with Columbia Records and started to assemble the E Street Band from various ex-band mates from Asbury Park.

June 10, 1986:

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Jerry Garcia went into a five day diabetic coma, resulting in the 'Dead' withdrawing from their current tour.