We already know that the Boston Red Sox have a rivalry with the New York Yankees and that we know and believe that Red Sox fans are superior. Do you need a list of why Red Sox fans are some of the best fans out there? You probably don't, so I will not bother you by making that list.

However, one man attending a Yankees game makes me question a few things. No, I am not questioning if Yankees fans are better in any way, but could they be more creative? Honestly, this man is just another reason why we (Red Sox fans) are smarter and overall superior to Yankees fans.

No matter where you attend a baseball game, you are sure to find some delicious snacks. Among those snacks, you are most likely to find beer and a hot dog (yes, I know, Fenway Franks are some of the best). Though you may eat your hot dog and drink your beer, I would never recommend putting the two together.

I think you see where I am going with this. Yes, this Yankees fan decided to combine the two, a hot dog and a beer. He was creative at least while doing it. He decided that he wanted a one-of-a-kind straw, so what did he do? He turned his hot dog into a straw.

This is where I have a few questions. Why do you want a straw for your beer? Who uses a straw for beer? Why would you ruin a perfectly good hot dog? The worst part about it is that he actually had a straw that he could have used, but no, he thought it was a better idea to use a hot dog.

I feel this whole thing is honestly cringeworthy and honestly disrespectful to the hot dog. Whenever you decide to go to Fenway, please do not disrespect a Fenway Frank like this.

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