The Bruins are facing The St Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 1970. Here's a great throwback Thursday photo of my Ma with some dude who scored the game winner 49 years ago.

Patty Grassie - Photo Credit

Bobby Orr !

Yes! My Ma met the legend himself at Brock's Hardware a few years ago. He was there to sign autographs courtesy of Latitudes Decking.

He's the youngest inductee in The Hockey Hall Of Fame (they waived him in instantly) and unanimously regarded as the greatest defenseman in the history of professional hockey. 

Not to mention he won TWO Stanley Cups, the first of which was clinched by an overtime goal (against The Blues) that he scored while mid-flight. SO impressive a feat that it is forever cast in bronze outside The GAHHHHDEN?

Signature Courtesy of Bobby Orr

Here's the proof above that Ma got his autograph. ( I can confirm that her name is indeed Christie)