A lot of companies and industries have been pretty strict with their tattoos policies. When I worked at Disney World not only were tattoos taboo but you couldn't dye your hair an unnatural color, couldn't wear too much make up, and you could only have one piercing per ear. I'm sorry, the 1950s called, they want their rules back. Thankfully, companies are updating their policies to adapt with the times and I think it's great. There is no correlation between a person's experience and qualifications and the amount of tattoos they have.

According to WMUR, New Hampshire State Police have decided to update their guidelines around arm tattoos in hopes that it encourages recruitment. Applicants with arm tattoos will now be considered but of course the tattoos can't be racist, sexist, or indecent in any way.

State Police Lt. Brendan Davey told the news site that they have turned away some talented folks merely because they had a little ink on their arm that would show in their short sleeve uniform. He goes on to say that many tattoos are patriotic and/or memorialize loved ones they have lost. They shouldn't be punished for that. Tattoos on the neck, face, or hands are still not permitted. I guess Post Malone isn't going to become a New Hampshire State trooper any time soon.


WMUR states that those with arm tattoos will still need to cover them with compression sleeves. Due to social issues and hours, local police departments have noticed a shortage in officer applicants. Truth be told they are in no position to turn away qualified applicants because of something so trivial.


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