If you haven't done so because of the recent election, if your wall is full of posts from people you don't remember or care about, today is the day to take action.


If you don't recognize half the names on your news feed, don't want to see the endless photos of babies, pets and vacations, as well as conceited selfies from people who also share too much, then take action.

Jimmy Kimmel founded Unfriend Day in an effort to fight the trend of people collecting friends they barely know in a short time period.

If you need help deciding who to unfriend, here are some guidelines thanks to CNN.

Third-grade classmates:

Sure, it's sort of fun to get a friend request from someone you bunked with at summer camp or chased around the playground at recess. You look at their photo, judge them on what they're up to now and conjure up a distant memory or two.

But then ... nothing. Unless you live in the same city and have lots in common -- "Wow, I love Renaissance fairs too!" -- chances are your rekindled "friendship" will never go anywhere. Put it out of its misery.


"Waffles for breakfast!" "I'm so sick of my morning commute." "Here's the 11th slide show this week of my kid. So cute!" Some people share so much that their posts become social white noise, like radio commercials.

Worse, their posts take over our feeds like kudzu and crowd out news from friends you actually want to hear from. Lose 'em.

That friend of Ricardo's you met two years ago at that party:

You talked about football, or "Mad Men," or something. He seemed fun. "Hey friend me and I'll friend you back!"

Have you spoken since? No.


Unless you truly have become pals, why are you friends with your ex on social media?

To alleviate guilt? To show how grown-up you are? To access their profile and think catty thoughts (ooh, he's gained weight)?

Bad reasons, all. Stop.

Those irritatingly fabulous couples:

Yes, we all tend to post stuff that makes us look good. But then there are friends whose Facebook personas are like something out of an infomercial.

Look at their fabulous lifestyle! Their Architectural Digest home, their honor-roll children, their impressive 10K results, their amazing meal at that hot new restaurant, their vacations to Bali and Tuscany. - Courtesy of CNN

So get to it! Un-clutter your Facebook life and you'll un-clutter your life in general.

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