The New England Patriots quarterback notes "things are changing and progress is good."

The New England Patriots have had a week full of headlines and controversy, but what's new? First, a rare home loss to Kansas City, and then videotaping allegations dominated the headlines for the rest of week. Does it rattle the team? Probably not. In fact, coach Bill Belichick simply stated the scout was "doing his job."

Oh, and then there's the matter of the QB. What's his deal? Will he return without 'radical change?' Yeah, it's been a hot week.

Thursday, Tom Brady was interviewed by Westwood One Sports's Jim Gray. One of the topics which came up was the persistent rumor of the NFL possibly allowing marijuana usage.  Tom was noncommittal and extremely diplomatic. “I think the stigma is being removed and hopefully they’re doing a lot of research into whatever benefits there may come from it. I don’t know enough about it. I’m sure there are a lot of experts out there that could weigh in, but these are the signs of the times and things are changing and progress is good.”

Hard to imagine Tommy endorsing marijuana after the TB12 diet. The plan just says no to tomatoes, and it matters where your salt comes from. Seems kinda like pot would be a hard no.



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