We could have TB12 until he's 50!

New England Patriots v New York Jets
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At the NFL owners meetings, Robert Kraft mentioned that his starting QB, Tom Brady, recently told him that he's planning on playing six or seven more years.

Can you imagine that? We all know Brady takes excellent care of his body, working out and eating food that probably tastes like the stuff that drips out of your car engine.

In this age, if anyone can play into his late 40's I'm betting on Tom. The question arises, would he still be in a Patriots uniform at that age. Also, what does that mean for Jimmy G?

I know it's a pipe dream at this point. The oldest quarterback to be in uniform is George Blanda who was a backup QB and kicker for the Raiders at the ripe old age of 48.

But just imagine another six or seven more years of Brady excellence!

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