Don't ever count out the Patriots.

The New England team earned itself a victory over the LA Rams Sunday night in a shockingly low-scoring Super Bowl game. The final was 13-3.

Zero touchdowns were scored in the first three quarters with the game being tied going into the fourth.

It was certainly a defensive battle from both sides, but Tom Brady launching the ball to Rob Gronkowski set up a touchdown for Sony Michel on the next play.

It would be the only touchdown of the game.

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The Rams did have another shot to try and tie things back up, but it was an interception late in the fourth quarter that turned things back over to the hungry Pats.

Brady and New England pushed back down the field before Stephen Gostkowski sealed the game up with a 41-yard field goal.

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What an epic game that earned Tom Brady his sixth Super Bowl ring. Not only that, but he and coach Bill Belichick don't even look close to being done yet.

Congrats, Patriots. Let's enjoy this one together, Pats fans!