It's not the dropping of the R's that bugs me, it's adding R's to the end of words that really fractures my ear. Heya ahh the Top fo uhh.

Map United States of America isolated
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1. 'Americur'

The good ole U S of A? This mispronounced word angers me more than any other. We live in a country that gives you the right to speak freely, PLEASE pronounce it correctly?


2. 'Vodkur'

This is probably the most common because when I hear it, I tend to be in places where people have had more than their share of 'Vodker' and pretty much mispronounce everything.

3. 'Hummonicur'

There are 10 holes in the average harmonica, there are 10 mispronunciations in the non-word above. It's so bad that I actually like it. (If that makes any sense.)

4. 'Augustur'

This is a city in Georgia where the Masters® golf tourney is played. It is also the capital of Maine. You'll hear non-word 4 up in Maine much more often than you will at any National Golf Club.

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