Still don't know what to get mom for Mother's Day? Well, I might be able to help you out. released their list of the top 6 gifts mom wants for Mother's Day.

Not sure how they came up with this list and really, it doesn't matter, they are all great suggestions and serve as a good starting point in figuring out the best present for whoever you have to buy for on Mother's Day, if you're married, you are not just buying for your mother, but wife as well.

Top 6 Mother's Day Gifts According To

6.) Jewelry - found that only 12% of Moms want jewelry.

5.) Homemade Craft - 13% of moms want a homemade craft. RISKY. Unless you're really good at making stuff or under the age of 16.

4.) A Meal - 14% of mothers want to be fed for Mother's Day. Mom's gotta eat! Better make it a nice restaurant, no fast food or delivery!

3.) Flowers - The old stand by, 18% of moms want flowers.

2.) Personalized Gift - Well, that isn't very specific is it? 21% want their gift personalized. I'm not sure I even know what that means. What, you want your name engraved on picture frame or something?

1.) Massage or Day Spa - 22% want a trip to a day spa or a massage or both. Great thing about this gift---IT'S EASY!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say gift certificate? BAM! DONE!

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