A few days ago Pope Francis was selected as Time Magazine's Person of the Year. I'd like to take this opportunity to present my own Person of the Year award to someone who I feel has made the biggest impact on the world stage in 2013 and has made me laugh more than anyone (and he wasn't even trying to be funny!)

Getty Images/Aaron Vincent Elkaim

Congratulations Toronto Mayor Rob Ford!

I have no idea as to which political affiliation he belongs, I have no clue if he has done a good or bad job serving Torontonians. All I know is that about every few days this year, he makes something magical happen, check out this classic close up clip below

In the following clip, I again am clueless as to why he's in such a hurry to go in one direction and then retreat from it just as fast, but don't question it..just enjoy it!(They claim there is adult language in this clip so beware, but they are speaking Canadian english so I can't figure any of it ooooohhhht eh?)

Since Christmas time is here, how about we end this clipfest with a seasonal one that brings me to tears.. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel

Who would you like to vote for as your personal "Person of the Year"? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated by the management.. and maybe endorsed in future blogs of our staff!