Maine is a massive state. Sure, more than 70% of it is covered in straight trees but we have so many quaint towns and cities sprinkled across our western mountain regions and rocky eastern shores.

I grew up here in Maine and have only visited a small portion of it and I still have so much to explore. The more I learn about my own state, the more I fall in love with it and it seems like every time I visit a new city I find something new to adore.

Tourists are known to flock right to Portland, Acadia National Park, and the “must-sees” that Vacationland has to offer, especially in the summertime. There are so many other parts and places that our state has to offer, just most people from out of town don’t think to go or know about them at all.

Travel + Leisure Lists Bangor as Maine’s Best-Kept Secret

Well, according to Travel + Leisure, Bangor is our state’s “best-kept” secret. While Bangor is a cute place with lots to do, calling it our best-kept secret is a bold claim, in my opinion.

The magazine article explains their reasoning by saying it has a picturesque waterfront, delicious craft beer, live music, Stephen King’s home, good food, and an arts scene. A point they make that I do agree with is that it’s in a central hub where tourists can take a drive to the coast or to the mountains, in the middle of the varying landscapes Maine boasts.

Sure, it’s up and coming and better than it used to be and is definitely expanding and offering more than back a few years ago, I don’t think I would personally choose it as Maine’s best. It’s a “secret” because tourists don’t think to flock there but that holds true for lots of other places, too.

Maine’s Best-Kept Secrets

Maybe they aren’t necessarily “secrets” but if I were to write my own piece about Maine’s hidden spots, I would pick places like Rockland, Biddeford, Ellsworth, Damariscotta, Harpswell, or even Lubec.

Rockland has one of the best art scenes in the state, is extremely walkable, and rests right on the coast in a scenic quaint town. Biddeford is like a miniature Portland on the come-up with businesses and things to do popping up every day, and Lubec just became home to a channel of islands specifically targeted to folks who want the best parts of our state but without the crowds.

Sure, this is just my opinion and it’s obviously subjective, I just know I wouldn't personally list Bangor as Maine’s best-kept secret. It’s nice but it’s definitely not on the top of my list.

What do you think?

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