Many restaurants relied on takeout service during the Covid-19 outbreak and it was able to keep them afloat! Between Tuckaway Tavern's cameo on Diner's Drive-ins, and Dives paired with the support from their phenomenally loyal customers, they seem to be coming out of this pandemic scot free.

The Raymond, New Hampshire, based butchery took to their Facebook page to make an important announcement. Now that things are starting to get back to normal, they have decided to return to their original philosophy. They want to devote all of their efforts on customers who are dining in to ensure they get the full experience of top notch food and quality service. If they are inundated with take-out orders, that will naturally take away from the attention they can spend on their in house customers. This will go into effect today (June 29th, 2020).

Of course many fans have expressed disappointment. It has been a blessing to be able to enjoy Tuckaway Tavern tips to-go during the pandemic. However, the grab and go options in the butchery are extensive and aren't going anywhere!

Most people have been understanding about it. Here is what some of their fans on Facebook had to say:

Kelsie Jean: Working in another restaurant as a manager I couldn’t agree with this more ! Smart move, the volume of takeout was crushing our kitchen and causing customers to have long wait times inside

Rebecca Pellowe: Rock on Tuckaway! Me and mine will support whatever you need to do as a business. We love you!

Philip Sica: Bobby is the best at what he does and puts his team first! Love Tuckaway and trust their decision. Employees first!

One rotten apple left a comment claiming that Tuckaway Tavern does not care about their customers. Don't worry, they clapped back REAL QUICK! Here's their response:

Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery: Did we state we don’t care at any point? We actually said the opposite. We’re doing this because we do care about our quality and experience rather than basing decisions solely off money.. if anything it should be a respectable decision BUT we understand that not all understand! ✌🏻

100% true. It would probably be more lucrative for Tuckaway to continue to do takeout. But the in house customer service would suffer as a result and they have a loyal customer base to uphold. Don't like it? Don't let the door hit you on the behind on the way out.

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