Nantucket Magazine's 15th Anniversary cover features none other than Coach Bill Belichick and his lovely partner, Linda Holliday. Predictably, Twitter has run wild with the images. I thought it'd be fun to have a quick quiz about one Tweet that was photoshopped almost beyond recognition. However, ONE of these accessories WAS NOT added through technical wizardry.

Headphones, an SB Ring on the middle finger, inflating needles, an icepick, a laminated playbook page and a red beanbag for replay challenges.

One of these things is REAL!

If you guessed the ring, you'd be correct!

If you count the diamonds (four), you'll see that this is commemorating their Super Bowl XLIX victory. That tells me that this photo was probably taken before the Pats latest ring ceremony on June 10th. It's difficult keeping up with all these Championships! Isn't it great!

For all the images of Bellichick's photoshoot, check out Nantucket Magazine:

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