This is the time of year that State officials are reminding people how to use fireworks safely.

Photo, Thomas Lohnes, Getty Images
Photo, Thomas Lohnes, Getty Images

The New Hampshire Fire Marshal's office is reminding NH residents and visitors to be careful when buying fireworks for your Fourth of July celebrations.

The office wants you to buy only the amount of fireworks you'll blow off, and to be sure to buy them through licensed retail stores.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 11,400 people visited emergency rooms for injuries related to fireworks.

More fires are reported nationwide on July 4th than any other day, with fireworks responsible for half, and $32 million in property damage.

So know where you're buying them, light them up safely, don't aim the bottle rockets at each other, and keep the M-80's out of your neighbors mailbox.

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