Listen here as Sarah gives us the secret behind leading hundreds of people atop 'The U Pick 'Em Leader Board' which leaves the entire crew laughing in a state of utter confusion.

U Pick Em Crew

Team Sarah Picks: Minnesota

Why will they beat Oakland on Sunday? According to Sarah, "Because *pause* Cheese".

Proper calcium intake must be important when playing 60 minutes of grueling tackle football and thankfully Jacob does not disagree with the current champion.

Since some of the finest dairy cows reside in the state with 10,000 lakes, Minnesota it is!

Team A-Train Picks: Philadelphia

Hugh and I decided rather quickly that Philly will dispatch The Lowly Lions on their home turf Sunday afternoon, and thankfully the sharps out in Vegas have agreed.

Carson Wentz and company are, in fact,  6 point favorites.

I would not expect either Hugh or myself to be singing 'Fly Eagles Fly' at any point this weekend as the sting from Big Game 52 is still quite intense.

After two weeks, both our U Pick Em teams are tied at 1 win and 1 loss a piece.

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