Though her grasp on the top of the leader board is like a pneumatic vice, Sarah's grasp on NFL quarterbacks and their ability? Not so much.

Photo Credit - Jodi C
Photo Credit - Jodi C

Team Train Picks: Seattle

When you endure a soul crushing loss every week, week after week, you start to doubt yourself.

This is the boat that Hugh and I are currently in. That boat has been taking on water since Labor Day and we are hoping that Pete Carroll, The Seahawks and their loud fan base 'The Twelfth Man' finally rescue us from this losing streak.

They are hosting Baltimore, a team that's in need of a win even more than we are.

It should be ANOTHER heart stopping game that is determined by one play. Bring me some Alka-Seltzer!

Team Sarah Picks: Minnesota

"I wouldn't go with that dumpster fire guy"

 Sarah Sullivan on QB Kirk Cousins

Despite Sarah's hilarious quote above, Jacob does ultimately decide upon 'That dumpster fire guy' and his Minnesota Vikings to defeat Detroit in The Motor City.

This decision was based upon a coin flip, three rounds of rock, paper, scissors and a best of seven series of eeny meeny miney moe.

This new format of randomly selected games has raised havoc with our confidence, but has been really fun overall*

*fun occurs only when you win

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