Do you have a motorized vehicle and need to get through Portsmouth right now? Don't even try.

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As far as I can tell, when you finally get to Islington Street, you'll discover that it isn't there anymore. Just a blockaded canal of gravel and signs telling you to turn away while you still can.

This was the midway point of an eventful 135 minute commute through the Woodbury Avenue neighborhood yesterday. The point of no return if you will.

Google Maps Train Arts Via Microsoft Paint
Google Maps Train Arts Via Microsoft Paint

The saga began at the bridge that crosses the Kittery bypass. It's impassable.

So I had to take the Franklin Ave onramp to the traffic circle AND the Bypass itself is under construction and is only one lane. Thankfully, someone let me out, eventually.

This was a picnic compared to my escape from Clipper City which unfortunately took up the lion's share of time.

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This was 2pm in the afternoon! Not rush hour on a Friday on Fourth of July weekend. There was nothing causing this jam other than a whole lotta cars and nowhere to drive them due to cones and signs and barriers.

My advice to anyone that HAS to venture anywhere near here?

Buy a boat, dock it then walk it.

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