I love this YouTube video of Hampton Beach from 1988.  Really, other than the cars and a few more businesses, the Boulevard on Hampton Beach hasn't really changed all that much and I love that.

Back in 1988, there was no cell phone to keep you occupied for every single second of your life.  In this video, there's a baby in the back, singing along to himself and loving life.  Right next to him, there is an attentive Mother with an unfortunate haircut,  (it's not bad.... I had the same one)  attending to him and his brother should they need anything.  You just don't see that today.  Many Mothers would be preoccupied with their cell phones and the kids, instead of groovin' to the Eagles, would be totally engrossed in some high-tech gizmo to keep him quiet.

I'd like to know what happened to that wee singer in this video.  Maybe it was you?  I would love to know that this budding singer grew up to become some sort of musician or at the very least, a person that could maybe sit for all of 5 minutes without having to be entertained every single second of the day.


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