This ring wasn't adorned with 900 diamonds or secret messages, but it is from the same maker of the Pats' six rings. I still cherish it.

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After winning Spaulding High School's first Class L football championship in 8 years (which at the time seemed like decades), the booster club allocated the funds needed to purchase championship rings for the entire varsity team.

If you notice I'm holding the ring and not wearing it, that is because it now only fits on my pinkie.

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There may not have been a 'secret' message like The Patriots famously place within their rings (283 diamonds = 28 to 3 deficit in Super Bowl LI) but if you squint, you can see the engraving.

11-17-90 <-- The date of the Class L Championship


10-1 <- Our record

Jostens had a representative measure our ring size in person and also offered an 18 karat gold plated version of this ring for a reasonable price ($60 maybe?) but I was thrilled with the complimentary version that is the 'crown jewel' of my keepsakes to this day, 29 years later.

Thanks to Coach Hugo Bolin, the coaching staff and all of the parents (including mine of course!) for making this possible. The stuff that dreams are made of!