The former offensive coordinator for the Wildcats flipped football playbooks on its head and, as we learn in this video, is one of the many reasons why the football program is where it is today. 

Not many people know that Chip Kelly's high powered, up-tempo style offense got its start in Durham, NH. I didn't anyway.

I can remember watching Rick Santos and David Ball but never paid any attention to the man calling the plays.

Chip Kelly took his wild and creative offensive genius to the University of Oregon, before finally landing in Philadelphia as head coach Eagles. It's great to see success stories like this and to see UNH in the national spotlight.

It's no secret that Chip Kelly's presence at the University of New Hampshire set them on the path to success that they're currently on. Athletes pay attention to that sort of stuff. They want to play for a fun program.

Now the Wildcats have a chance to make it to the FCS Championship game. They play Illinois St. at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.