I graduated from UNH almost exactly 16 years ago, I'm very proud to be a graduate even though our post-season reputation does not strike fear in the hearts of many..or any for that matter. Despite a proud tradition of winning in both hockey and football, the unfortunate nickname of University of No Hardware seems to stick, and it bothers me to no end.

Well, The Wildcats are currently playing in Loiusiana in the playoffs, (Football Championship Subdivision Quarterfinals) and you'd think it'd be on TV... NOPE! The worldwide leader has shown every other quarterfinal, but this one is on ESPN 9 or ESPN V or some damn channel that I don't have...I also have no radio at my house, yep, I know, I make my living on the radio and I don't have one.. maybe that's a subject for another blog..but right now I'm at my folks house listening to the radio, staring at the  hot peppers my Father dries and stores in the radio room..

Since the radio play by play isn't exactly Rose Bowl caliber anyway, I try to use my imagination and pretend the bunch of dried peppers above are the Southeastern Louisiana Lions.

This fine looking bunch is YOUR UNH WILCATS!!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!! Nice pass Chili Grande!!! What a tackle from Cayenne!!! Ohhhhh that was a hot play!!!

Hey, The Cats are playing well and this sure beats snow shoveling any day.