It would seem somewhat fitting for aliens to chose Election Day to overtake the planet. Alas, it appears humans will – for now – be left to make the tough decisions.

Just weeks after residents in Kittery, Maine reported seeing strange, short aerial contrails that appeared inconsistent with those typically caused by planes, they were witnessed again in the sky over the Seacoast.

This time, by yours truly. And yeah – it did look somewhat unusual.

Rineman Personal Photo.
Rineman Personal Photo.

However, upon stopping to look a bit closer and zooming in with my camera, it was possible to detect the slight movement at the top of each trail. So, what’s the explanation?

Nothing but airplanes, it seems.

“The jet exhaust is mostly water vapor,” said retired Delta Captain and longtime Rye, New Hampshire resident Steve Wilkie. “It depends on the temperature and humidity of the outside air if the water vapor will condense into a ‘cloud.’”

“This time of year, the upper air can be very dry so the contrail doesn’t form. Occasionally there are waves in the atmosphere where the contrail may start and stop as the air varies. Those pictures look like separate aircraft with a short-lived contrail.

“Of course,” joked Wilkie, “they could be aliens!”

That’s what many seemed to want to believe when the first sightings were reported in a Kittery, Maine Facebook group. As the sky was not as clear that day, it was likely more difficult to detect any movement from planes causing the contrails.

New Hampshire has a long history of reported UFO sightings, dating back to 1965’s “Exeter Incident” (which persists in local folklore despite seemingly being debunked).

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