After an unsuccessful shopping spree that spanned an entire weekend and several Seacoast Hannaford bubble gum machines, there has been a new Mini helmet acquired through a trade and perhaps more interestingly, a mysterious pair of helmets that appeared in my mailbox.

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The bad news is, we already have both of these teams. The good news is, some anonymous person, purchased these recently and decided to donate them to our cause.

I can only hope that the inevitable compulsion to buy dozens and dozens more overtakes this person (or persons!) and soon the four remaining teams WILL BE IN MY GRASP! (ahem) I mean, my nephews will complete their set.

Train Images

Yes, that is a Seattle Seahawks helmet. The nephews completed this trade yesterday for two duplicates (Bengals and Dolphins).

We now only need The Chicago Bears, The Minnesota Vikings, The Atlanta Falcons and The Pittsburgh Steelers to complete the 32 team set.

It will not be easy, but, through teamwork and perseverance,