OK, so maybe my scoreboard predictions were off by one or two hundred points, but I was undefeated yesterday and now have a 4-2 record against the spread. Fish's focus might have been a bit obfuscated since he was vacationing and had a goose egg yesterday, dropping his record to 3-3.

How 'bout them Pats?! Their 35-31 victory will certainly go into my Fred Sanford heart attack hall of fame as it felt like the entire 2004 ALCS crammed into an unending 4 hour roller coaster ride.

I've locked in the lead already going into Championship weekend as Fish and I have both taken Peyton and the Broncos (-7) over The Colts. We differ slightly on the early game as I think The Cowboys will be victorious and Fish thinks The Packers will win but not cover the 5 1/2 points. And you know I just have to add this picture at the end of this update!

Train Images
Train Images

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