Last Friday, a parrot was found in a trash bag at the NHSPCA in Stratham.  (The Parrot pictured here is not the one that was found.)  The poor thing looked really awful and according to the article from WMUR, the bird was really nervous and it wouldn't eat at first, but it appears to be doing much better now after it was taken to a vet.

(I understand if you can't take care of an animal for whatever reason and you make the choice to give it up.  But why would you put the bird in a plastic bag inside of a carry on, then leave?  UG!)

The NHSPCA nicknamed him Mayday and once the bird is well, I'm assuming it will be put up for adoption, but before you consider Mayday or any bird, consider these things you should know before adopting a bird.  It could save the both of you some agony.


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