Rain, sleet, ice, wind, and an... earthquake? It's been a busy 24 hours for natural forces.

Saturday night was a wild one in the southern part of the Granite State as according to WMUR News 9, the United States Geological Survey reported the quake was a magnitude 1.8 that hit at 9:45 p.m.

The quake was reportedly centered on Millville Street near Irving Street at a depth of 1.6 miles.

People around town were reacting on Facebook. A few reported that it felt like a nearby tree had fallen. Others said they felt their house shake and heard a loud boom. Yep, the earth was moving!

The Salem Police Department reacted shortly thereafter, confirming the earthquake. In the comments section, one local man reported there "have been a ton of small earthquakes all over the area for the past couple months. Double what Salem had."

According to NBC 10 Boston, there were no reports of any damage or injuries after the Saturday night quake.

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