Shona Grill barbecued for 34 hours straight. Was that enough to break the world record for barbecuing?

Currently the barbecuing world record stands at 30 hours straight. Shona Grill in Bellows Falls, Vermont went 4 hours longer than the record.

They intended on going even longer, but they ran out of food at 9:15 on Saturday night. Now they must apply to the Guinness Book of World Records to prove they broke it.

How do you celebrate 34 hours of barbecuing? Give the staff 4 days off!

Nice work guys! Surely that is not an easy feat!

Ok, so I did some research, the 30 hour record was accomplished in June of 2015. Two guys were manning the grill, no replacements, and you are allowed a five minute break every hour.

I am currently accepting applications for my barbecuing partner and will begin my training next week. Just kidding, but it is intriguing!

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