Axle is 'The Shark's Pet Of The Month' for April and I'd like to thank Theresa, his personal videographer, for capturing his unique talent of speaking English.

Theresa Girard Photo Credit
Theresa Girard Photo Credit

For those of you that may have missed his biography earlier this month, Axle is a Blue Nosed Pit Bull Terrier from Raymond, NH.

He loves playing outdoors so much, that he mastered the elocution of that particular word which gains him access to his favorite real estate.

When Theresa told me that he could say this word, I thought that maybe it was a biased interpretation of some normal bark that she may have mistaken for that similar sounding three letter adverb.

Upon the viewing of it, there is no doubt, he is saying 'OUT'.

The force and inflection that he uses while saying it, is actually a little frightening.

It's not a question, it's a command! 'OUT!'

His voice is far deeper than I'd ever expect, if I had anyone to compare it to, I'd say he's similar to 'Optimus Prime', the main protagonist of the series 'Transformers'.

Keep in mind, Axle is currently the award winner for 'The Best Kisser in St. Johnsbury Vermont' so don't let the rough exterior and demanding style fool you, he is a sweet and loving dog and not a ruthless Autobot, even though his voice sounds remarkably similar.

My only explanation for this is that his breed was originally from the United Kingdom hundreds of years ago, so if his ancestors could ever speak and understand a language, English would be it!

I'd love to ask Axle how he spent his $50 gift card from Pet Supplies Plus in Somersworth, but I'm terrified he might answer me back!

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