A big part of why I love living in New England is because of all the wildlife.  I will admit, however, if I saw the bears in this video, I would not be able to move, nevermind shoot video.  Bears can be unpredictable, especially the Mama Bear, so I think I would have high-tailed it.

I am happy, however, that Tricia Evans Wood got the video because it literally made my day to see these beautiful creatures.  Check it out!

When I was living in Candia, NH, I woke up one morning and saw a HUGE black bear trying to get at the treats that I had in the bird feeder... for the birds.  It was before cell phones, so I don't have a picture of it, but I remember thinking how I should not have put those bird feeders so close to the woods.  Maybe if I put them next to my window, close to the house, the bear would not have come so close.  I remember the bear being very happy for quite some time eating everything he could find.  The bear was probably a SHE-bear trying to feed herself and her pregnant belly.  I mean, she was large-Marge.

Generally, according to wbu.com, it's not the bird feeder itself that attracts the bear, it's the smell of other things in the yard like barbeque grills, compost piles and pet food.  There's another reason why I should never use my beautiful Weber grill unless I plan on cleaning every part of that thing before going back inside.

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