If you look closely through the fake mustaches, mutton chops, sunglasses and headbands, you'll see that 'The Ultimate Eagles Tribute' are a group of very well known New England rockers. Two of which are 'Extreme'ly well known. Hear the 2 part Shark Morning Show interview ONLY right here!

Royal River Graphics VIA darkdeserteagles.com
Royal River Graphics VIA darkdeserteagles.com

They're Chris Lester, Tom Appleman, Eric Clemenzi, Pat Badger and Kevin Figueiredo

Thanks to Pat Badger and Eric Clemenzi for sitting down to talk with us AS THEMSELVES and NOT their D D E alter egos 'Glenn Spry' and 'Don Welder'.

My favorite part of this interview is when Pat informs me that his 'Extreme' counterpart and D D E drummer Kevin 'Don Friendly' Figueiredo does not have to go through any extra follicle acrobatics to replicate the 70's era mane that he has. That's his real hair! In it's own natural state! I am beyond jealous.

Dark Desert Eagles will be playing back to back shows at The Blue Ocean Music Hall on August 2nd and August 3rd.

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