And it's not eat nothing except bugs.

Over my vacation, there was a lot of down time.  I did do a lot of things that I normally wouldn't have had time nor energy to do, like... clean out my basement to the best of my ability.  (need even more time with that)  One day, as I was surfing for something on the television to watch before I dove in to eating my lunch on my bed (don't judge) and I reluctantly flipped on "Naked and Afraid" on the Discovery Channel.  I kept yelling at the television in between bites.  "YOU'RE STUPID!" and "GO HOME!" or "YOU'RE BEING EATEN ALIVE!  GET OUT OF THERE!"  If you're not familiar with the show, the description from the Discovery Channel website is as follows:

For 21 days, one man and one woman - meeting for the first time in the nude - are paired and tasked to survive in some of the world's most extreme environments... with no food, water or clothes.

You can understand why I was yelling, can you not?  But as the shows went on, (yes, I binged a few...) I gained a healthy respect for the people who put themselves in that position.

Around season 1, episode 3-ish, Laura Zerra from Belmont, NH popped up and instead of jeers from by bed of leftover lunch, CHEERS erupted!  I started yelling, "GO 603!" and "REPRESENT, LAURA!" and "YOU CAN DO IT, GIRL!"  Wow.  What a turn around.  She kicked ass and got through the 21 days.  THEN, she popped up AGAIN on ANOTHER show and made it through another 21 days with another dude.  Unbelievable.  Total bad-ass.  She may have even been on another show that I haven't gotten to yet.

Anyway, Laura got me thinking about a couple things:

1)  I have to talk to her at some point soon and interview her.  I have so many questions

2)  She has an incredible attitude about survival and I wondered what she would say about how important that is when faced with such a difficult task of surviving for 21 days without anything - including clothes.  Turns out, she addressed that on a video on her Facebook page:  She says that NH will always be home AND the number one survival tip:  STRONG MENTAL ATTITUDE - 99% Mental attitude.  "Everything else just makes you more comfortable."


So, if one of your resolutions for 2019 is to lose weight, just resolve to do it and go in with a good attitude.  You might fail a few times, but keep getting back up.  Give yourself a break and never, ever quit.

Happy New Year!

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