Craft beer enthusiasts are a unique bunch of creative people.  There is a whole culture that surrounds the industry that is very appealing to beer drinkers and non beer drinkers alike.

If you find yourself at a brewery, you may find a bunch of people who are in to art, keeping healthy and best of all, hanging out with each other.  There might be some prints on the walls of local artists or it may be a factory space with a golden retriever and kids running around.  I picture a bearded fella (potential man-bun) with a smile on his face asking me what I'd like to try.  Total hip, creative vibe.

For these reasons and more, what UNH is offering is PERFECT for New England and beyond!  You can take a craft brewing course at the University.  Not only will they teach you the in's and out's of making the beer itself, but also will teach you the business side of things.

In the month of October, they are offering a Craft Brewery Startup Workshop for $750.  Not a huge investment if you plan to base your career on making beer.

Even better, the University offers a MINOR IN BREWING!  According to their website, undergraduates in any major field of study may minor in brewing.


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