If you haven't heard this yet, you may want to get all your good luck charms polished and superstitious rituals in mid-season form. USA Today just threw a ten ton jinx on the 2017 New England Patriots.

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That's right folks! Not only will they be the only team to exceed 12 regular season wins, Nate Davis from USA Today predicts The Patriots will go on to beat Aaron Rodgers and The Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl LII to finish a perfect season.

Allow me to speak for the millions and millions of Patriots fans that have read this, when I say, STOP THIS MADNESS RIGHT NOW!

My heart is still trying to recover from David Tyree's catch and the two titles that they've won since then haven't helped in stopping the wild palpitations.

Predicting an undefeated season if they start 10-0 seems warranted, predicting 19-0 in July is JUST PLAIN CRUEL!

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