The summer of 2020 has brought us some very unique and interesting snapshots from nature. Perhaps it's been the busy nature of human beings coming down a notch and allowing animals to feel that calmness around them. Another one of those intriguing nature moments took place in Aroostook County last week, when someone witnessed a bobcat taking a swim and had to catch it on camera.

Shared on Facebook by Devin Lagasse in the Maine Wildlife group, Devin was boating on St. Froid Lake in Winterville Township when they happened to notice a disruption in the normally very calm lake. Thinking it may have been a fish or turtle, they approached with their boat. Much to their surprise, it wasn't anything they expected. That disturbance turned out to be a bobcat swimming along in the lake.

For those animal lovers out there, rest assured, the bobcat made it back to shore safely. Devin confirmed that through comments on the Facebook post. According to National Geographic, bobcats that swim are not entirely uncommon, but is generally a result of them hunting for food. Often time quiet lakes, like St. Froid Lake for instance, can serve as great hunting ground for the normally land-based animal. While Lagasse's video makes it look like the bobcat may be out too far or in too deep, they can be quite skilled swimmers, especially if they do it often.

So add this to your list, a bobcat in Maine taking a swim, catching some fish. If 2020 has given us one good thing, it's a showcase in nature.

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