The dramatic stories of winter storm Riley are still being told. This DPW rescue captured by the camera of WMTW-TV is not getting the recognition it deserves.

A woman and her baby we're trapped in their vehicle surrounded by over two feet of salt water for about 40 minutes.

A Department of Public Works crew quickly used a front end loader as a rescue vehicle and delivered the Mom and child to safety in a few short minutes.

When I was younger, I've worked alongside many different DPW crews and I've always felt that their reputation is unnecessarily maligned. You NEVER hear anyone praise 'The City Barn' and/or the folks there that work very hard to keep our streets clean and safe.

After extensive scouring of the internet, this story remains largely untold. In fact, they never even mention the street or neighborhood in which it took place.

Wells is a great town, and I can now proudly say that I'm a huge fan of their 'City Bahhhhhn'!

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