Do you remember the amazing 2023 Dunkin' Donut Super Bowl commercial featuring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez? That commercial ended up going viral after it aired. In the commercial, Affleck pretended to be a Dunkin' Donut worker and of course, Jennifer Lopez was a customer.

It may be easier to remember it, if you already forgot, with a video.

Not going to lie, Ben Affleck is hysterical in this video, and he should probably do more comedy. If you agree, then you may be happy to know that there is yet another Dunkin' commercial that Affleck is now apart of, and it is just as amusing, if not more.

I feel that we all know that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are really close, I mean they started a bank account when they were younger to save money for auditions, other than the occasional $10 withdrawal to go to an arcade.

Affleck and Damon have been in plenty of movies together and also have their own production company together called Artists Equity.

However, the new Dunkin' commercial adds humor when it comes to knowing which actor is which.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Ben Affleck returned to a Massachusetts Dunkin' location to direct and star in a new commercial.

In this commercial Affleck of course pitched the "great" coffee and donut deal that Dunkin' is running. Affleck also talks with the workers at the counter about how he is trying to do an "authentic" and "meta" ad.

In the commercial, Affleck states that "It's like I'm doing a commercial, but am I doing a commercial."

This is where Matt Damon comes in... (not literally, as he is not in the commercial).

The Dunkin' workers, that Hollywood Reporter claim are actually hired actors, confuse Affleck for Matt Damon. They actually even ask him if he was in "The Departed."

Honestly, I would not be upset if Affleck was in all of Dunkin's commercials this year as they are not only hysterical, but they let us know about some great deals.

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