Shark Chase Caught on Camera


Okay, I have seen some crazy pictures of shark sightings recently.  From fins to flapping sharks close to shore but this video terrified me.  If you don’t follow the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy on Twitter you should just for the videos they post.  The latest video they posted of a great white shark chasing a camera is absolutely terrifying per


Atlantic White Shark Conservancy


Scientists from the Atlantic White Shark Conservatory have been studied shark behavior in our area for a long time.  Some of you may be familiar with scientist Greg Skomal from the many interviews he has given both television and newspapers.  The group (AWAC) is an organization that operates in our area to study shark behavior and protect and monitor the white shark population.  They are often out on our waters tagging sharks for further study.  The more we know about shark behavior, the better we may be able to protect both us and them.


The Video Footage of the Chase


Greg Skomal was tagging sharks off the coast of Cape Cod when his underwater camera caught some footage of a white shark chase that looks like something out of a Hollywood movie.  While most comments to the post of the video on Twitter were terrified, some users posted comments like DEAD_P1XL “It’s so cute! I want to pet it,” and MayTheF07093924 wrote, “That’s probably the cutest, almost smiling great white shark I think I have seen in any footage,” per reporting by  While I respect the work the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy does, I hope I never have a view of a shark that is that close.  Thanks for taking the risks for us!





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