Did you know that 15.6 MILLION people visited Maine in 2021? Pretty wicked impressive since there are only about a million of us who live here. Now out of that 15.6 million, how many of these people "from away" could properly pronounce the names of some of our most treasured and cherished towns? We think that number is LOW.

Amazed couple of tourists finding destination

Here's a funny video of a bunch of people from the West Coast trying to pronounce Maine city names. Watch them take a whack at Saco, Vinalhaven, Skowhegan, Isle au Haut, and Wytopitloc.

28 Commonly Mispronounced Places in New England

No matter where you travel to, there are places with some hard to pronounce names. New Englanders have spoken, these are the most commonly mispronounced places in New England.

50 Questions About Maine That Were Asked on 'Jeopardy!'

So you think you know Maine? Try your hand at these 50 questions about our state that have been asked over the years on 'Jeopardy!'. Good luck!

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