It was August 16th 1986, and Aerosmith was on it's last gasp.

It was 1986 and Aerosmith was not doing well. A year earlier, they had released their first album since getting the original line-up back together, 'Done With Mirrors'. It was not a critical, or financial success.

In fact, after listening to the album, a good friend and HUGE Aerosmith fan, remarked that the album should have been titled 'Done With Music'.

Cue Run D.M.C. While they were recording their 'Raising Hell' lp, producer Rick Rubin put on 'Walk This Way' thinking that the group could remake the song. After explaining to them who Aerosmith were, they covered the song, and the rest is history.

The video (which featured only band members Tyler and Perry as that was all Run D.M.C could afford) was played in heavy rotation was played in heavy rotation on MTV.

The version from August 16th, 1986 and video is credited as helping bring hip hop music into the mainstream, as it charted as high as #5 on the Billboard singles chart. It also helped put Aerosmith back on the right path, as just a year later they were off and running again with their 'Permanent Vacation' release and their still at it (for the most part) today.

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