New England Nationals media day at New England Dragway is one of the coolest events I have ever been to, and it's unlike any other event I had seen before.

One thing that I was unaware of on this day, was that the drivers are among the very elite of the elite. I figured that out pretty quick once the interviews began. Ironically, I was supposed to start out by interviewing their Father, John Force, who is well known for being the friendliest and most talkative man in the entire sports world, so my research was all for naught. But that really didn't matter because both Courtney and Brittany were equally as friendly and had fun with my completely amateurish and strange questions.

They were there in the open lot as hundreds of their fans circled us during the interview that was being fed through speakers as it went back to the station, when any of us said something funny, the crowd would laugh like a real studio audience.

Courtney would retire from racing in January of 2019 and Brittany is still one of the most feared racers today. She became only the second woman to win the Top Fuel Championship, doing so in 2017.

I'm just so happy that The New England Nationals are back this year at New England Dragway, June 11th through June 13th.

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