I swear this 'SLOW Children At Play' sign not only wore the weird 'Lederhosen' socks but also had a winter hat. What happened to his hat?

Train Images
Train Images

On a recent question posed to Facebook I asked Shark listeners what road sign is their favorite and this one received multiple votes.

On my daily walk today, I was very confused to discover that this sign looks nothing like I thought it did.

A couple years ago, our Chief Digital Media Overlord (that's just his title, he's really quite nice) officially named the leggings that this character is wearing as 'Jaunty Socks'.

But I KNOW that there were once at least TWO other prominent features to this sign.

I know an earlier version was wearing a winter hat. I think it may have even had a pom pom on it as well.

AND the subject of the sign wasn't just running, he had a clear objective to his street sprint, it was a ball.

Due to the two tone limitations of the NH DOT, it had the appearance that our subject was chasing after a 15 pound bowling ball or perhaps cannon fodder.

Using my imagination, I always thought that the ball was supposed to be red and therefore a dodge ball.

The more I think about this sign, the more I can see it and I'm pretty sure the kid's shirt was originally striped too!

Who redesigned this?! When was this new logo OKed?!

If you happen to know of any signs like I described PLEASE share a photo of it with me.

I'm going to be obsessed with this until I have proof that the sign in my mind existed AT ALL.

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